Stuck at home because of the COVID-19

#COVID-19 has many of us stuck at home. Seems like we have put our lives on hold for something that is unseen and . Many of us have Seniors and 8th graders that should be graduating this coming May. It's times like this that we realize we take so much for granted. It's a good time to reflect on what is most important in our lives. With all that being said, if you are anything like me you look at all the work that could be done that gets neglected cause our lives are so busy. Take your floors for instance, they are walked on everyday and get dirty quite often. Here are some floor cleaning tips.

HOW TO CLEAN:  Tile Flooring When it comes to tile flooring, the first step to cleaning them is to sweep or vacuum loose dirt, dust, pet hair, and other debris. Ceramic tiles only need warm water to properly clean them but if your like me I need to feel like they are being disinfected so I'll do vinegar/water. You can also seek out a manufacturer recommended cleaner... for example if you have Shaw tile you can call them or go on their website and you'll find the info there.  The one thing I would really caution is to be careful not to push dirt into the grout lines which can stain them and create a bigger headache when attempting to get your floors sparkling again.  Hardwood Flooring Hardwood flooring can be cleaned by sweeping. Dry mopping is best as wood is a "thirsty" material and applying a wet mop can damage your wood. It’s important to never use abrasive cleaning products on your hardwood floor to avoid scratching and gouging. Any chemical could break down your finish which protects the hardwood. I also would not recommend using a robotic vacuum cleaner with hardwood floors. All that needs to happen is to have a single grain of sand or kitty litter under there and it will scratch your entire floors!  Check with the manufacturer of your hardwood floor for recommended cleaners (such as Bona) as there is a difference between Oil finish wood and Aluminium oxide finish - both requiring different cleaning products.  Vinyl Flooring Vinyl flooring can be cleaned by occasional mopping and/or consistent spot mopping. Of course, It is recommended to find a manufacturer’s recommended cleaner to remove dirt built up. A few capfuls of clear, non-sudsy ammonia and water is a safe cleaning solution that you can use when spring cleaning vinyl flooring. Or what I like to use is vinegar and water solution. Laminate Flooring When cleaning laminate floors, it’s best to vacuum the floor using the wand attachment. Use a dust mop or damped cloth with the recommended cleaner for general cleaning. While laminate is water resistant- it's just that, Resistant Not 100% waterproof. Laminate is also a "thirsty" floor so It’s important to wipe up wet areas and allow them to properly dry. Laminate flooring can be extra slippery when being cleaned so please use caution. If winter has left traces of salt or mud on your floor, use a damp cloth to wipe the stain off. Carpet Spring is often the best time to shampoo your carpets. The best method I would say is "hot water extraction."  It's simple! Place hot water on the area you are cleaning and plot dry. Do not scrub. The hot water will break up the dirt and plotting will absorb it all. It’s important to hire a professional service if you’re unsure of proper carpet cleaning techniques. I do want to mention, it is not necessary to purchase the added 'stain protector' carpet cleaning companies try to sell you. This will do nothing for your carpet as the fibers are already infused with the stain fighting agents. It's just an upsell. Vacuuming is also extremely important to help remove dirt and grime that may have become trapped in your carpet's fibers.

OR If you are just tired of the same ole floors and want new floors give us a call and we would be more than happy to come out and measure so we can get you an estimate on the flooring that you've been dreaming of!!


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